Q. I thought this was a Location Library?

There are plenty of location databases online already. If you’re looking for an excellent library of filming locations in the area head straight over to North-West Locations or Yorkshire Locations.

I’m a location scout working on films, television programmes and commercials in the North of England. This is a photoblog to profile some of my favourite spots and things which interest me about the people and places in this part of the world.

If you need to source bespoke filming locations for your production, please do get in touch info [at] m62locationscout [dot] com.


Q. Haven’t you just ripped off SCOUTING NY?

Guilty as charged. This blog is meant as a little northern tribute. In my defence, I did link to that fantastic blog in my very first post.


Q. How do I get my beautiful house / period 1960s pub / WWII airfield on-screen?

I’m always on the lookout for interesting filming locations in the North of England. Drop me an email info [at] m62locationscout [dot] com. Include brief details of your property and a few lo-res photographs and we’ll take it from there.


Q. Why is there a photograph of my property on this site? Please take it down.

All photographs here are posted in good faith. No private properties are intentionally published without permission, and none of the locations shown are currently in use on active productions.

If you object to any locations being shown here please do drop me a line on info [at] m62locationscout [dot] com and I’ll do my best to fix the problem immediately.


Enjoy the blog.


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