This is The North, We Shoot What We Want

This is my first photoblog, so a little introduction. I’m a location scout working on films, television programmes and commercials in the North of England.

This site is not a location database or library, as there are plenty of those online already (we suggest North-West Locations and Yorkshire Locations).

Before we start, huge respect to the original and best Scouting NY.

This is where I work:


This is the motorway which gives this blog its name, and where I spend far too much time sitting in traffic.


“The North, where England tucks its shirt into its underpants” (thanks Simon Armitage)


This blog is for readers who find the North of England as interesting as I do.

If you have any questions about the locations featured here, want to point out mistakes, or would like book some location scouting for your production, please get in touch via

M62 Location Scout

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